Piaggio Aerospace Avanti EVO:
Creating an Impact within Aviation

P1 was tasked with bringing to life a business aircraft that did not yet exist. The product was the updated Avanti business jet from the Italian company Piaggio Aerospace. The project scope was a full spectrum rebrand, photography, film and marketing campaign. The 12 week timeframe for delivery meant we had to stay at peak performance from start to finish, whilst synergizing with the Piaggio Aerospace team.

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Branding and Logo

The brand had to be bold and different, just like the jet design itself. This notion formed the basis of our vision, and the innovative mindset of Piaggio Aerospace was at the core of the name storming. Re-energizing the Avanti brand as the Avanti EVO. We built a strategy around communicating how the EVO will ignite it’s market segment within business aviation industry with it’s evolution in speed, performance and elegance.


The logo was intended as just one part of a broad visual identity system that also included a new paint livery and a new approach to typography, photography and other visual elements. We consciously built a flexible and dynamic visual system that would bend to support the different communications channels Piaggio Aerospace required.

Photography and CGI

To create the photographic assets for the Avanti EVO our photography production team travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada. Equipped with a Piaggio Avanti II jet, we planned and art directed the shoot to feature a variety of stunning backdrops.


The aircraft was then transformed in post production, our CGI specialist created the modified aircraft complete with the new paint scheme, EVO logo, front and rear winglets.

App Design

Piaggio envisioned a tablet app that would take the information and imagery from their printed books and brochures and bring it to life in an interactive, high definition digital app. We created an engaging digital platform that featured interactive range maps, touchable hotspots, video, 360° capabilities and much more. Available to download worldwide instantly by perspective clients.

Print Design

From the start we took the time to understand what Piaggio were trying to achieve and quickly came up with strong, creative ideas for both the copywriting and design of the print portfolio. Our work was highly praised by Avanti EVO sales teams and was integral to supporting subsequent sales growth. We also overhauled the content and design of sales support collateral to make it concise, persuasive and easy to understand. The programme was rolled out globally.

Launch Film

Client Feedback

“Board decisions can frustratingly sometimes take a while. When you are waiting for them to enable you to push the button and move ahead on a new project, you have to have strong partners who can ride the rough and the smooth with you, not only to get your project underway but, partners who, you can totally rely on and who will ensure it’s delivery within a now compacted time frame yet, without a single compromise in quality and creativeness.


If this situation sounds familiar to you and, you have sweated and had many sleepless nights worrying about how your now, approved project ,will be delivered by your partners ,agency or creatives and more to the point, just how good the final version will actually be, may I suggest you do as I did and, talk with P1.


Even if you are a huge company and use a London , New York, Milan or Sydney based agency to deliver your creative, copy, apps, website ,social media or anything else to promote what you do,who you are or ,simply why you exist, dare to go outside your comfort zone and try this team.


I did and had the project , the launch of a new airplane, delivered to accolades from media and customers alike. My team and I could not have delivered this without P1 who were the best partners one could wish for when “can’t do it “ is just not an option!”

John Bingham

President – Piaggio Aerospace