Read How Boeing Business Jets Went ‘Interactive’
To Promote The Full Aircraft Range

Boeing Business Jets exploit tablet advertising for maximum creative impact. Bringing the BBJ campaign to life and giving consumers the chance to interact with the aircrafts’ capabilities. The full BBJ experience, highlighting the entire aircraft range in one interactive campaign.

Services Utilised




The Challenge

To raise brand awareness of the BBJ aircraft and their capabilities over competitors


To reinforce the brand’s powerful position within the aviation and aerospace industry


To produce a fun, interactive campaign for tablet devices to engage potential customers

The Results





The Creative

The centrepiece of the experience is a virtual showroom for the BBJ aircraft range. One of the main focuses for Boeing was to promote the different capabilities that each of the aircraft has, so the first thing the reader sees is a selector for 5 different aircraft – the BBJ Family, BBJ Max 8&9, BBJ 787 8&9, BBJ 777 200ER & 300LR, BBJ 747-8. Allowing them to ‘tap’ the aircraft of their choice, which leads to a dedicated page for that model.


Utilising the landscape and portrait capabilities of the tablet platform, P1 have given the reader multiple engagement points such as interior, design, range, specs and technology. We then bring each area to life, for example – the Range Map allows the reader to ‘tap’ from the location of their choice to visualize how far they can fly in that aircraft.



When you rotate the iPad to landscape viewing it showcases the interior options of the aircraft via multiple Floor Plan diagrams. On these floor plans we have included ‘pulsating hotspots’, which the reader can ‘tap’, this then brings up a high resolution image of that particular area/room of the aircraft. The virtual showroom is now in full effect. On the same page the reader also has the capability to select through the bespoke seating arrangement options that they may prefer.


Boeing generated not only worldwide and positive brand association, but also produced a highly engaging experience for users with a touch screen technology.


Client Feedback

“The real value of digital advertising is the ability to convey multiple messages through user interaction. By presenting readers with a broad landscape of compelling content, P1 created a user driven experience that rewards exploration.  P1 was a pleasure to work with. They were very professional and took the time to understand the product messaging and brand we wanted to convey. Lastly, their engagement metrics offer the hard proof that our campaign worked.”


Chuck Colburn

Marketing Director

Boeing Business Jets